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The Ultimate Collection of Xmas Party Games for Adults

Christmas is the perfect time for catching up with friends, drinking eggnog, with a warming fire playing holiday music. But, to make your party the ultimate success, don't forget to include the one thing that's essential for having a blast - fun games!

Here we have compiled a list of our favorite Christmas party games for adults, including charades, trivia, scavenger hunts and white elephant gift exchange. With these games your guests are sure to have a roaring good time without being bored, so read on and pick a game!


Charades is a classic party game that the whole gang can have a good time with. All players have to form an arrangement while reenacting a holiday film, TV show or book. Cold feet and fits of laughter are bound to follow--just make sure you make the rules simple so everyone can understand and have fun!


Trivia games are another classic for adults, that is sure to keep any group entertained. Book a couple of holiday themed shows and quizzes from the net or simply use the ones available on television or newspapers. You could also immerse yourselves in a competitive session of holiday song trivia to keep things interactive.

Scavenger Hun

This age-old game is sure to keep your guests busy! Place some items around the party location and assign teamwork to small groups to locate items such as candy canes and baubles. As soon as any group finds items listed on their scavanger hunt sheet, they can mark it as found. The team that finds the items first, wins the game.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

The white elephant gift exchange is perfect for big parties as it keeps everyone entertained throughout. This is a fun game where all players have to bring a secret Santa-style wrapped up gift. As soon as everyone brings their secret gift, each guest selects a gift and in a spontaneous pick-a-door style, they have to trade the gifts until all gifts have been distributed.

So, if you’re looking to have some holiday fun and games with friends, take your pick from these Christmas party games. Charades, trivia, scavenger hunts and the white elephant gift exchange are sure to keep your guests having a good time throughout the holidays!

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