Terra 12 Extreme Game Camera


Who Manufactures Terra 12 Extreme Game Camera?? ▼
The camera is produced by Terra Extreme Game Cameras.
What Features Does The Terra 12 Extreme Game Camera Provide?? ▼
The camera features 12MP resolution, 0.45 second trigger speed, full HD video, and an intuitive mobile app.
Does The Terra 12 Extreme Game Camera Have Night Vision Capability?? ▼
Yes, the camera is equipped with 24 low-glow LEDs for night vision.
What Other Accessories Are Available For The Terra 12 Extreme Game Camera?? ▼
Additional accessories available for the camera include a tripod mount and a protective case.

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Terrace 12 Extreme: Game Camera for Exciting Outdoor Photography

Terra 12 Extreme is the perfect solution for outdoor photographers and wildlife watchers who are looking for a reliable game camera to capture the beauty of nature in photos. With its robust features, and a wealth of features, this camera allows outdoor enthusiast to capture stunning images while they explore the wild.


The Terra 12 Extreme game camera is a sleek, black camera with a large 4.3-inch LCD display. It fits comfortably in the hand and features a weatherproof construction made out of strong ABS plastic that is resistant to weathering in cold and wet climates. The camera also comes with a belt pouch and straps that are comfortable to wear while hiking or camping.


The Terra 12 Extreme has a variety of features that make it an exceptional choice for outdoor photographers. It comes equipped with an 18-megapixel camera that can capture high-quality photos and video in both color and black and white. It also features an impressive 45x optical zoom and electronic image stabilization, which allow users to capture sharp and clear images. Additionally, the camera has an LED flash, motion sensors, time-lapse recording, a built-in intervalometer, and a 1080P HD video mode.


The Terra 12 Extreme also offers an intuitive user interface that is simple and easy to use. The menu system is straightforward and easy to navigate, and the camera has several handy shortcuts that allow users to quickly access the various settings. The Terra 12 also boasts a wide range of settings and features, allowing users to fine-tune the settings and customize the camera to their particular needs.


Overall, the Terra 12 Extreme game camera is an excellent choice for outdoor photographers looking for a reliable and capable game camera. With its impressive features and intuitive user interface, the Terra 12 Extreme is a great choice for capturing the beauty of nature.

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