St Patrick's Day Games For Adults


What Is St Patrick's Day?? ▼
St Patrick's Day is an annual celebration held in Ireland and celebrated by people of Irish descent around the world.
What Games Can Adults Play On St Patrick's Day?? ▼
Common adult St Patrick's Day games include bingo,Irish trivia,beer pong, whack-a-leprechaun and pin the shamrock on the leprechaun.
What Is Traditional About A St Patrick's Day Party?? ▼
Traditional St Patrick's Day parties usually involve Irish-themed decorations,Irish music and traditional Irish foods, such as bangers and mash, corned beef and cabbage, and Irish soda bread.
What Supplies Are Needed For St Patrick's Day Games?? ▼
Supplies needed for St Patrick's Day games may include beers,Cups, ping pong balls, a blindfold, cutouts of leprechauns, construction paper in green and white, and shamrock stickers.
What Is A Good Way To End A St Patrick's Day Game Night?? ▼
A great way to end a St Patrick's Day game night would be to have a traditional Irish dance, singing, and storytelling.

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A Guide to an Adults-Only St. Patrick's Day

Forget the leprechauns and rainbows, it’s time to get the party started for an adults-only St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Whether you’re hosting in a rental hall or in the comfort of your own home, there are plenty of fun St. Patrick’s Day activities for adults to make your party a night they’ll never forget.

Beer Pong

This classic drinking game can get pretty rowdy, but let guests know beforehand the ground rules so everyone understands how the game is going to work. Use a large table and divide into two teams. Each person stands at the back of their side of the table and creates a triangular shape with a certain amount of beer cups. On the team’s turn, they will throw a ping pong ball and attempt to get it in the opposite teams cups. When the ball lands in a cup, the other team must drink that beer and remove the cup from the table. The first team to sink all of their opponent’s cups wins the game.


Charades is another classic game that is always a hit at parties. Put guests into teams and give them a list of St. Patrick’s Day related words or phrases. Give the team a certain amount of time to act out each word or phrase before their opponents can guess. The team that guesses the most phrases in the allotted time, wins the game. You can even get creative with your words, such as “I’m drinking a glass of whiskey” or “I’m looking for four-leaf clovers.”

Luck of the Irish Trivia

This game is especially fun if your guests know a lot about Irish culture. Before hand, create a list of St. Patrick’s Day related trivia questions such as “What is the national flower of Ireland?” or “What is the traditional St. Patrick’s Day dinner?” Assign each person or team a point value for each correct answer. The team or individual with the highest score, wins the game.

Beer Races

This one is sure to get your guests in the competitive spirit. Have each guest get a drunk of their favorite beer and divide into two teams. Each team will line up and attempt to race their beer across a starting and finish line. The person with the fastest finish time, wins the game.

So get your green beer and funny hats ready, because it’s time to celebrate an adults-only St. Patrick’s Day. With these fun and entertaining adult party games, your guests are sure to have a night they’ll never forget.

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