Speed Dating Game 2


What Is Speed Dating 2? ? ▼
Speed Dating 2 is a fun and interactive online game where you can virtually date multiple people at once.
How Can I Play? ? ▼
To play, you simply just sign up and create a profile for you and your date, choose the characters and start swiping left or right.
Mission Of Speed Dating 2? ? ▼
The mission of Speed Dating 2 is to create a fun and immersive online experience for players to meet and match with new people.
What Items Do I Need To Play? ? ▼
You will need a computer device, an internet connection and a valid email address to sign up and play.
What Features Are Available? ? ▼
Speed Dating 2 features various customization options such as hair color, skin tone, clothes and accessories. You can also choose the type of conversation you want to have with your date, casual conversation, deep conversation or both.

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Dating Game Speed

Speed Dating Game 2 – A Review

If you're looking for an exciting way to meet new people, Speed Dating Game 2 might be just the thing for you. Developed by Red Thread Games, this is an interactive dating simulator that puts you in the shoes of a single looking for a partner.

The story follows the protagonist as they go on a series of dates in order to find love, with each date introducing a new set of characters to meet and interact with. As you progress further into the game, you'll begin to learn more about the characters, resulting in a much deeper experience.


Speed Dating Game 2 has a unique approach to dating simulations. Instead of a traditional point-and-click affair, the game utilises a text adventure-style mechanic. This adds a great level of interactivity as you are able to be more creative with conversations, allowing for a more personalised experience with each date.

The game also features a Health Meter, which helps gauge how your date is going. The more successful dates you have, the higher your health meter goes. This is a great way to keep track of your progress and make sure that you're playing the game correctly.

Graphics & Sound

Graphically, Speed Dating Game 2 looks absolutely stunning. The characters and environments are incredibly detailed and there is a wide variety of options available to customise them to your liking.

The sound design is also top-notch. Every sound effect and musical cue helps to immerse you in the game, making it an even more personalised experience.


Overall, Speed Dating Game 2 is an engaging, interactive dating game that is sure to please any fan of romance simulations. With its unique approach to gameplay, stunning graphics, and immersive sound design, it’s sure to be an enjoyable experience for all.

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