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1. What Are Sex Games During Pregnancy?? ▼
Sex games during pregnancy are activities that couples can do while expecting a baby that involve intimacy, sensuality, and fun.
2. Is There A Health Risk Involved With Engaging In Sex Games While Pregnant? ? ▼
No, there is no health risk involved as long as the pregnant partner is comfortable and not in any pain.
3. What Are Some Popular Sex Games For Pregnant Couples? ? ▼
Some popular sex games for pregnant couples might include massages, card games, roleplaying, and Foreplay Bingo.

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Games Pregnant Sex


Pregnant women often find it hard to find activities they can enjoy while waiting for their babies to arrive. While there are plenty of activities to choose from, such as watching movies, reading books, and getting outside, some women may be struggling to find activities that can help them pass the time. This is where pregnancy sex games can come in handy. Pregnancy sex games are designed to provide an enjoyable sexual experience, while also helping the expecting couple to bond in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Benefits of Pregnancy Sex Games

Pregnancy sex games are designed to bring a sense of pleasure and intimacy to the expectant couple. Not only can they be extremely pleasurable, but they can also be a great way for the couple to communicate and connect with each other in a fun and non-threatening way. These games can create an environment in which the couple can express their desire and needs to each other in a safe and comfortable way. They can also help to keep the couple close, by maintaining touch and affection despite physical limitations and changes in the body due to the pregnancy.

Popular Sex Games

Some of the most popular pregnancy sex games are the Dirty Text Game, the Dare to Dare game, and the Pregnant Couples Game. The Dirty Text Game requires the couple to text each other a list of increasingly risqué items which they must then do, while the Dare to Dare game pits the couple against each other in a “who will do what first” battle. The Pregnant Couples Game is designed to increase communication and understanding between partners, through the sharing of trivia, personal fantasies, and new sex ideas.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy sex games can be a great way for pregnant couples to keep their relationship alive and vibrant, and to add some excitement and intimacy back into their relationship. Not only can these games be sexually stimulating, but they can also provide an excellent opportunity for couples to bond and connect in a fun and non-threatening way. So if you’re looking for a way to spice up your relationship and deepen your connection, consider trying out some pregnancy sex games!

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