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What Is A Sex Decision Game? ? ▼
A sex decision game is a type of game that involves both partners making a decision about the type of sexual activity they engage in together.
What Are Some Roles In A Sex Decision Game? ? ▼
In a sex decision game, the roles are typically separated into 'Decider' and 'Follower'. The Decider chooses the type of sexual act, while the Follower follows the Decider’s instructions.
What Are The Benefits Of A Sex Decision Game? ? ▼
A sex decision game can help to reduce the pressure and stress around sexuality, and can add some spice to an otherwise dull sex life! Additionally, it can be a great way to explore each other’s fantasies and desires in a safe and playful way.

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Decision Game Sex

Sex Decision Game Overview

The Sex Decision Game is a popular board game that pits players against each other in fast-paced decisions on various sexual scenarios. Players get to choose a character, decide on sex positions, pick out costumes and assess risks, all in the name of getting their team to the finish line first.

The game is designed for 18+ due to the topics and explicit nature of the cards. Players must welcome the chance to explore and learn new sexual practices with the aim of getting their team to the finish line while racking up points.

Game Play

The game takes players on a journey to explore their deepest desires. Players can explore their sensuality, learn and practice sexual routines, and pick up new techniques as they battle their opponents. Not only does the game give players the ability to explore but also enhances their ability to make risky decisions.

The game plays in rounds divided by different topics. The more points a team collects, the more chance they have of winning the game. Topics can range from romantic to risky and from basic to wild. There are more than 2000 different cards in the game, giving players a great variety of topics to work with.

Players can also challenge each other by making their own rules or creating their own topics to the game. This allows players to add an interesting twist to the game, making it more enjoyable and challenging for everyone.


The Sex Decision Game is an adult board game that offers a playful way to explore various sexual topics and stimulates risky decisions. The game also includes instructions to help players learn and understand new topics as well as offers tips on how to make the most of their game play. Most importantly, it offers the chance to discuss and learn in an enjoyable and safe environment.

Overall, the Sex Decision Game is a great way to spice up any game night with friends and explore unfamiliar topics while exploiting your naughty side.

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