Sex A Romantic Card Game Reviews


What Is Sex?? ▼
Sex is a romantic game for couples to explore each other's passions.
How Is The Game Played?? ▼
The game is played by using a deck of cards with prompts for physical, sensual, and emotional activities between couples.
What Are The Reviews Of This Game?? ▼
Reviews of the game have been generally positive, with many couples noting that the game enhances their experience and helps build intimacy.
What Activities Are In The Game?? ▼
The game includes physical activities like massage, sensual activities like kissing, and emotional activities like creating fantasies.
Does The Game Require A Payment To Play?? ▼
No, the game does not require a payment to play.

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Card Game Reviews Romantic Sex

Sex and Romance Card Game Review

Sex and Romance, the popular card game, is back to top game retailer’s shelves after several years of absence. This fun, new game promises hours of entertainment, flirtation, and connection. We decided to put it to the test and see how well it meets its promises!


Sex and Romance is an easy to learn two person card game. It requires no prior knowledge of the game and is easy to learn within a few minutes. Easy to understand rules, a small number of cards, and the simple goal of combining cards in numerical sequences make the game accessible to all skill levels. Overall, play is fast and intense, leaving players with a sense of satisfaction at the end.

Graphics and Artwork

The game’s cards feature gorgeous art pieces that only add to the romance and sexiness of the game. The truly unique concept of having both feel-good and naughty art pieces on the same cards helps create a balance refreshingly different from other card games of a similar nature.

Themes of Romance and Sex

This game is not intended to be a risque one. The combination of simple card combo rules and the thoughtful artwork makes Sex and Romance an enjoyable ride. It’s beyond an adult-themed game–the rules are meant to spark conversation and connection between two players. The game also reflects a careful attention to key aspects of relationships– sensitivity and intimacy.


At the end of the game, players are likely to feel good about their experience. Sex and Romance is a game full of wonder and fun, and should be tried out by those who are looking for something that is different and exciting.

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