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What Are Pc Games Rated 'Adult Only'? ? ▼
PC games rated 'Adult Only' are games that are intended for a mature audience and may contain graphic violence, nudity and/or sexual content.
Can Pc Games Rated 'Adult Only' Be Purchased In Stores? ? ▼
Yes, some PC games rated 'Adult Only' can be purchased in stores with an 'Adults Only' label, although many are only available online.
What Type Of Content Can Be Found In Pc Games Rated 'Adult Only'? ? ▼
PC games rated 'Adult Only' may contain graphic violence, nudity and/or sexual content. These games are not suitable for children.
What Age Should A Person Be Before Playing Pc Games Rated 'Adult Only'? ? ▼
Generally, it is recommended that those over the age of 18 should be the only ones playing PC games rated 'Adult Only'.

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Adult Games Only

Getting the Dirt on the Adult PC Game "Temptation"

Temptation is one of the most popular adult-rated PC games of its time. This mature-rated game is targeted at adults 18 years of age or older, and it has caused quite a stir among players. The game revolves around a woman who is struggling to maintain a balance in her life between her career, her relationships and her personal desires.

Plot and Storyline

The game starts with the main character in a deep inner struggle between her commitments and her desires. She must make hard decisions while facing many temptations. She will have to decide whether to follow the path of her career, her relationship or her own desires. The storyline gets more complex as the game progresses, with new characters and difficult choices being introduced.


Temptation is an RPG where the player is given control of the main character throughout the game. The player will have to make choices between career-oriented tasks and personal ones. The game is also filled with mini-games and puzzle solving. It requires a lot of thought and decision-making in order to progress.

Graphics and Graphics

The graphics in Temptation are well-rendered and realistic. It successfully captures the mood and atmosphere of the story through its visuals. The characters are detailed and expressive, and the environments are immersive and detailed.


Temptation is an adult-rated game aimed at mature audiences. It successfully captures the feel of the story and provides an entertaining and immersive experience. If you're looking for an adult-oriented game experience, you won't be disappointed with Temptation.

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