Outdoor Games Without Equipment Adults


1. What Are Some Outdoor Games Without Equipment Adults Can Play?? ▼
1. Charades, 2. Treasure Hunt, 3. Scavenger Hunt
2. How Can Adults Benefit From Playing Outdoor Games?? ▼
1. Exercise and improved physical health, 2. Builds teamwork and leadership skills, 3. Increases creativity and helps with problem solving
3. What Are Some Benefits Of Playing Outdoor Games Without Equipment?? ▼
1. Low cost and no equipment needed, 2. Can be adapted to any environment, 3. Can be played anywhere without any restrictions

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Adults Equipment Games Outdoor Without


Outdoor activities can be a great way to stay active and enjoy the fresh air while having some fun. While it’s easy to jump into a classic pick-up game of football or basketball with a ball, there are plenty of exciting games that don’t require any special equipment. Here are some simple outdoor games without equipment that adults can play.


Corners is one of the most simple and classic games for adults. To play, two teams must form two lines facing each other. Each team must take hold of their team member's hands and run in the same direction. The goal is to catch a member from the other team, and the team who catches the most members wins.


Another classic game that doesn’t require any extra equipment is Tag. Players split up into two teams and one team is designated as ‘It’. The ‘It’ team must find and tag as many players from the other team as possible. As tags are made, the tagged players must join the ‘It’ team and help to find other players. The last remaining player of the original team is the winner.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is another great game that can be played outdoors without any additional equipment. Each team must hide a flag within their designated area and protect it from the other team. The goal is to capture the other team’s flag while trying to avoid being tagged and sent to a designated ‘jail’. The team who captures the other team’s flag first is the winner.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is the perfect outdoor game for adults. At least three people are required to play and one person is designated ‘It’. The ‘It’ person must count to a certain number, close their eyes and shout “ready or not, here I come”. The others must try and find a place to hide in the designated area. The ‘It’ person must then find all the hidden players, and whoever stays hidden the longest or ‘It’ doesn’t spot them is the winner.


Outdoor activities are the perfect way to stay active and have fun without any special equipment. These games are all simple, easy to set up and can be enjoyed by adults. Whether you decide on a classic like Tag or you’re up for something more challenging like Capture the Flag, these games are sure to bring some much needed delight, laughter and smiles to those who join in.

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