Ohio State Vs Michigan 2018 Full Game


Where Did The Ohio State Vs. Michigan 2018 Game Take Place?? ▼
Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio
Who Won The Ohio State Vs. Michigan 2018 Game?? ▼
Ohio State
What Was The Score Of The Ohio State Vs. Michigan 2018 Game?? ▼
Ohio State won 62-39

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2018 Full Game Michigan Ohio State

Oh, Ohio: Showdown of Southern and Northern Foes

It was a battle for the ages as Ohio State and Michigan faced off in a highly anticipated matchup of Southern vs Northern beasts. The sheer size of this game, both in terms of geographical representation and fan fullness, was unbelievable.

Michigan, led by the ever-talented coach Jim Harbaugh, entered this matchup as the clear favorite. The legendary Wolverine offense, spearheaded by Shea Patterson and his arsenal of weapons, was expected to overpower the relatively young Ohio State attack.

However, the Buckeyes, led by head coach Urban Meyer, had something else in store! The Buckeye defense was able to contain Michigan's high powered offense, while the OSU offense was able to take advantage of the small mistakes made by the Wolverines.

The two teams went back and forth in the first half, but Ohio State was able to break through and take a 7 point lead going into halftime. In the second half, Michigan was unable to mount a sustained offensive attack, allowing the Buckeyes to pull away and take the victory, 31-20.

It was a thrilling game and further proof that the Big 10 is one of the most electrifying conferences in college football. For both teams, there will be plenty to build upon looking ahead to next season.

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