Non Violent Video Games 2020


What Are The Top Non-Violent Video Games Of 2020?? ▼
Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Last Campfire, Dreams, A Short Hike, Firewatch
What Platforms Are The Games Available On?? ▼
Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC
What Genres Do The Games Fall Under?? ▼
Simulation, Adventure, Exploration
Who Are The Target Audiences For These Games?? ▼
Children, Adults, Casual Players
Do These Games Offer Online Play?? ▼
Yes, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Dreams offer online multiplayer options.

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2020 Games Non Video Violent

Recent Release of Non-Violent Video Games for 2020

It’s already 2020, and with the start of a new decade, there are plenty of new video games raining down upon us. Many of us have an appetite for exciting action, drama, and combat – but others of us don't necessarily want violence in our gaming experiences. Thankfully, 2020 had plenty of titles to appeal to gamers who don’t want to get lost in the virtual landscape of violence.


Grindstone is a brand new game developed by the game design studio, Capybara. The game is billed as a "Slashing Puzzle Adventure", mechanics built around clearing paths of various “bees” (enemies) by slashing them with a sword. Combat and strategy are still a key part of the game, but unlike many other titles, it’s been cut down to a few simple “connect the dots” type of puzzle, with rewards doled out for staying alive on an increasingly difficult field.


Harvester is a management simulation that’s available now on PC from developers Team17. You create and run your own farm using resources from nearby biome, where you can also explore large regions of forests to stay physically active. Its simple but rewarding management mechanics are laid out well, so that even people with no experience with management simulation games can understand them quite easily. It’s a fun, relaxing romp that isn’t too demanding.

Cyber Protocol

Cyber Protocol is an action-oriented puzzle game available on PC, Xbox One, and Switch. You take on the role of a small robot in a post-apocalyptic world and must guide it through a number of dangerous challenge based levels. Most of your interactions with the environment comes in the form of reprogramming the objects to either help you progress or gain access to rewards. It's an inventive twist on the classic robot navigation-puzzle concept and brings a sense of non-violent yet challenging puzzle-solving to the world of gaming.


Sable is an upcoming adventure game from indie developer Shedworks. You play as the titular character, a young girl who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and exploration through a desert world. With no combat system, players take in the landmarks, get to know the local people and culture and solve puzzles dotted throughout the environment. It has been described as a timeless coming-of-age story, and Sable certainly looks set to be the game equivalent of a classic novel.

Whether you want a more relaxed experience or an intense challenge, there are plenty of options available for those looking for non-violent video games. We’re sure all these titles will be a great addition to any gamer’s collection.

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