How To Play Battle Of The Sexes Board Game


What Type Of Game Is Battle Of The Sexes? ? ▼
Battle of the Sexes is a strategy board game that pits men against women in a battle of wits, knowledge and strategy.
How Do You Play? ? ▼
Players first divide into teams of men and women and each team takes turns rolling the six-sided dice. The team that rolls the highest number claims a token and moves one space along the game board, ending their turn.
How Do You Win? ? ▼
To win the game, one team must score the first point and reach the final square on the board.
What Skills Are Important? ? ▼
Players must use their knowledge and quick thinking to answer questions in the categories of general knowledge, lifestyle and current affairs.
How Many People Can Play? ? ▼
Battle of the Sexes can be played with two to six players.

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Battle of the sexes is a classic board game of strategizing and competition between two teams comprised of men and women. Perfect for family game night, this game is sure to spark some interesting conversations as players pit their wits against each other and attempt to answer questions and complete fun activities. Whether you’re partying with close friends or breaking out this game at a family reunion, you’re sure to enjoy this lively and interactive game.


In Battle of the Sexes, the goal is for one team to recognize, comprehend and complete the tasks assigned to their team before the other team does. Each team consists of men and women and is provided with questions that are typically asked in each gender. Even the tasks require each gender to assume their roles.

The game comes with a variety of question cards and a game board with tokens. While this game can be enjoyed by 2 to 8 players, it’s best when played by four players in two teams - team Male vs team Female. The objective of the game is to get the tokens from start to finish at the respective sides of the board. Each player has to answer questions and partake in a variety of tasks, the former earning points while the tasks are used to move the pieces forward. The team that gets their tokens to their finish point first, wins!

Playing the game

This game is easy to set up and play. Here’s what you need to do to play the game: 

- Gather your friends, family and/or acquaintances and split into two teams – one representing the men and the other representing the women.

- Unfold the game board and assign tokens to the teams.

- Roll the die to decide which team goes first.

- The team, who goes first, starts the game by picking a category card, reading it out for everyone to hear, and answering the relevant question.

- Teams earn points for every correct answer and advance their pieces accordingly.

- The first team to get their pieces across to finish line is declared the winner.


Battle of the Sexes is an engaging and thought provoking game that tests each team’s ability to strategize, think quick and answer questions. Ideal for families and friends, this game encourages conversation and good-natured competitive banter and is sure to challenge each team. So get your team together and battle it out!

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