Halloween Party Games For Adults At Work


What Type Of Game Is Suitable For A Work Halloween Party?? ▼
A trivia game or a themed scavenger hunt.
What Supplies Are Needed To Play A Trivia Game?? ▼
Trivia questions and answer cards, a timer, and pencils for each player.
What Are Some Easy And Fun Halloween Games For Adults At Work?? ▼
Costume competition, Name That Tune (Halloween Edition), Ghastly Guesses, Haunted Murder Mystery, and Witch's Brew.
What Is Ghastly Guesses?? ▼
Ghastly Guesses is a charades game where players have to guess the name of a Halloween-related object.
What Can Be Used To Play Witch's Brew?? ▼
A cauldron and a variety of colorful ingredients like candy, apples, and nuts.

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Adults For Games Halloween Party Work

Five Fun Halloween Games for the Office

Trying to find the perfect Halloween activity for your office party? Look no further! Here are five of the best party games you can play with co-workers to make the occasion spooky, silly and much more fun.

Mummy Wrap

This classic group game is always a guaranteed hit at Halloween. Split up your office into teams and provide them with rolls of crepe paper or wrapping tissue. The goal of the game is for each team to create the spookiest mummy. The team that wraps up their designated “mummy” the best wins.

Mimic the Movie

Mimic the Movie is the perfect game to get employees laughing and having a good time. Before the party, compile a list of characteristic quotes, mannerisms and catchphrases from popular Halloween movies such as “Hocus Pocus” or “Beetlejuice.” Split the office into two teams and have them take turns trying to mimic the quotes, mannerisms and catchphrases. The team that does the best job wins!

Apple Bobbing

This activity is the perfect way to get everyone involved. Set up a large tub with enough water to cover a layer of apples. On “go,” all employees must bob their heads in the water and try to retrieve an apple using only their mouths. Whoever can retrieve an apple first wins!

Monster Memory

Monster Memory is a clever take on the classic concentration game. Before the party, print out a set of images of monsters on card stock paper. Cut them in half and mix them up. Place the split cards face down on the ground or on a table and have each employee take turns turning over two cards at a time. The object of the game is to find matching pairs of monsters. Whoever can find the most pairs of monsters wins!

Pin the Fangs on the Vampire

This classic party game is similar to pin the tail on the donkey, but with a Halloween twist. Before the party, print out a large image of a vampire, cover it with thick paper and cut out a set of realistic-looking vampire fangs from construction paper. Blindfold each participant and have them take turns trying to pin the fangs as close to the mouth of the vampire as possible. Whoever pins the fangs closest to the mouth wins!

Playing these fun Halloween games is the perfect way to get your office into the Halloween spirit! Employees will love the chance to let loose and have a bit of friendly competition amongst one another. Have fun and enjoy the party!

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