Good Sex Games To Play


What Are Good Sex Games To Play?? ▼
strip poker, role play, naughty scavenger hunt
What Can I Use To Add Extra Excitement To Sex Games?? ▼
different props and toys, shaving cream, blindfolds, handcuffs
What Are Some Free Sex Games To Play?? ▼
truth or dare, sensual massage, passion dice

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Games Good Play Sex


Good sex games can help increase the excitement and anticipation in the bedroom by opening the door to new and exciting experiences. Whether you are in a long-term relationship or just starting to get to know each other, these games can add a lot of spice to your sex life. The best part about these games is that they are easy to learn and can be played in the bedroom as easily as in the living room. Here are some of our favorite good sex games to play.

The Quest for the Magic Orgasm

The Quest for the Magic Orgasm is an exciting game of exploration and sexual discovery. This game involves exploring a fantasy realm while searching for the magical “orgasmatron” – the ultimate source of pleasure. Players must explore the environment and take on different tasks and queries in order to get to the end goal of finding the Orgasm. This game is great for couples who want to explore new aspects of their sexual relationship.


Omg-sex! is an adult game of exploration and excitement. It follows two teams as they compete to discover and perform the most pleasurable sex acts. The teams have to race against each other to discover and experiment with arousing sex practices. The team that completes the most tasks and discovers the most exciting practices is crowned the winner. Omg-sex! is great for couples who are looking for some new and exciting ideas to add to their bedroom repertoire.

Cards Against Passion

Cards Against Passion is a unique game of sexual exploration and seduction. This game is all about guessing your partner’s deepest desires and fantasies. Players will draw cards randomly and attempt to guess their fellow players’ answers based on the card they were dealt. The game is designed to get partners to talk openly about their fantasies and desires in order to create a more fulfilling sexual experience.


Good sex games can be a great way to add some spice to your sex life. They can help open up conversations between partners and create a safe and fun environment for exploration and pleasure. We hope that this list of sex games helps you and your partner have some new and exciting experiences.

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