Game Of Thrones Gay Scene


What Season Is The Game Of Thrones Gay Scene In?? ▼
The gay scene is in Season 3, episode 9.
Who Is In The Gay Scene?? ▼
The two men in the scene are Loras Tyrell and Olyvar, a male prostitute.
Where Does The Scene Take Place?? ▼
The scene takes place in a brothel in King's Landing.

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Game Gay Scene Thrones

The Shocking Gay Scene in 'Game of Thrones'

In season 8's second episode of Game of Thrones, viewers were treated to a controversial gay scene, a first for the show. This scene was met with strong reactions, some praising the show's diversification and others criticizing it as too overtly "political".

The Characters

The scene in question was between two long-standing characters, Renly Baratheon and Loras Tyrell. Renly, the former king of Westeros, had been slain in the previous season and returned as a ghost to Loras's bedchamber. The two discussed their love for one another before sharing a brief, but intimate kiss which was highly charged and created waves within the fandom.

The Use of Queer Representation

The scene was seen by many as an inclusion of queer representation within the story, with George R.R. Martin himself stating that he wanted to show a representation of LGBTQ+ characters as a part of Westeros story. While some praised the show for finally representing this community, there were also some who criticized the scene for being a "token" gesture and too political.

The Reception

The reaction to the scene was mixed, with many praising it as an empowering moment and some criticizing it as going against the book's original text. Despite this, the scene was seen by many as a bold and daring move by the showrunners and was met with many cheers and applause.


Overall, it is clear that the gay scene in Game of Thrones has had a polarizing reaction from fans. While some may view it as a progressive step forward for representation in entertainment, others may see it as too political and inappropriate for the show. Ultimately, how viewers choose to interpret the scene is up to them.

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