Game Of Thrones Beer 2018


What Type Of Beer Is 'Game Of Thrones 2018'?? ▼
It is an Indian Pale Ale brewed in collaboration with Ommegang and HBO.
Where Can I Buy 'Game Of Thrones 2018'?? ▼
It can be purchased from the Ommegang website or from select retailers.
What Are The Abv And Ibu Of 'Game Of Thrones 2018'?? ▼
It has 7.3% ABV and 40 IBU.
What Special Ingredients Does 'Game Of Thrones 2018' Include?? ▼
It includes pils malt, toasted wheat, flaked oats, and Hallertau Blanc hops.

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2018 Beer Game Thrones

Game of Thrones Beer 2018: A Masterly Brew of Flavor and Fun

With the release of this year’s Game of Thrones beer, fans of the show will rejoice with the new additions to their libations of choice. Brewery Ommegang’s latest concoctions, called For The Throne Golden Anniversary Ale, are a tribute to the show’s decade of success.

The Taste Test

For The Throne is a golden ale that holds true to the Belgian golden style, offering a bit of spice and a crisp, sugary finish. Upon first sip, one can immediately taste the hops and barley of the ale, with a hint of sweetness coming through on the back end. For The Throne also presents itself as quite light and flavorful, allowing for multiple beers to be consumed without any heavy palate fatigue.

Design and Packaging

The beer itself is just as much a work of art as the show itself. The label features a golden lion standing proudly atop a jagged mountain – a possible homage to House Lannister – reminding beer drinkers of the power, loyalty, and fire of the series. The can also features the iconic three-headed dragon from the House Targaryen’s sigil.

The Bottom Line

Those looking for a quality beer that also pays homage to their favorite show need to look no further. For The Throne is a tasty golden ale that offers a touch of sweetness amidst a light and balanced flavor. With its great taste, amazing packaging, and immense potential to be enjoyed on the show’s finale, this is a can’t-miss beer. The Lannisters may have sent their regards, but the brewers of Brewery Ommegang may have had the last word.

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