Funny Team Building Games For Adults


What Are Some Funny Team Building Games For Adults?? ▼
Trivia, Mafia, Charades, Fruit Basket Upset
What Are The Benefits Of Playing These Games?? ▼
They create stronger bonds between team members, promote communication, and foster healthy competition.
How Long Will It Typically Take To Play One Of The Games?? ▼
30-45 minutes
What Supplies Are Needed To Play The Games?? ▼
Paper, pencils, timer, playing cards (if needed), writing utensils if needed.

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Adults Building For Funny Games Team


Team Building activities are essential for keeping a company motivated and improving morale. Whether professionals or co-workers, if employees and colleagues play fun and interesting games, it encourages creativity and helps team members to bond and build trust. That said, when it comes to planning activities for adults, it can be difficult to come up with something that is engaging and enjoyable.

But fear not, because we are here to help. Here are some funny team building games for adults that are sure to get your team giggling and having a great time.


Charades is one of the classic team building games. It allows everyone to get involved and use their creativity, without any fancy props or special kits. All you need are some pieces of paper and pens! Split into two teams and write down some funny words, concepts, movies, etc. on the pieces of paper. Each team then takes turns performing their word out and the other team must guess what it is.

It is fast-paced and exciting and everyone is sure to have a great time!

Crazy Drawing Challenge

If your team is feeling creatively inspired then the Crazy Drawing Challenge could be the perfect game for them. Split your group into two teams, and Hand each team a pen, paper and a few random items to work with. Both teams will then have a certain amount of time (around 10 minutes) to create a unique drawing based on the items. The team that creates the most creative, unique, and inspiring drawing wins!

This game encourages problem solving and teamwork, and it is sure to bring out the competitive streak in everyone!

Pass The Parcel

This is a game that has been around for centuries but it still remains one of the most popular team building games. All you need are some gifts, wrapped in multiple layers of newspaper. Split your team into two or more groups and have them form a circle. One person starts the game by placing the gift in the centre of the circle and then passes it around while music is playing. When the music stops the person left holding the gift removes one layer of paper and passes the gift to the next person. Repeat the process until the gift is unwrapped, and the lucky person who unwraps it gets to keep the surprise inside.

This game is sure to keep your team laughing and provides a great opportunity for everyone to bond.


Team Building games offer a great opportunity for your team to bond and have fun. The games mentioned above are all great for adults and will provide a light-hearted and entertaining atmosphere for everyone involved. Have fun!

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