Extreme Makeover Games For Girls


1What Type Of Game Is An Extreme Makeover Game?? ▼
Extreme makeover games for girls are typically dress up or fashion design games.
2What Kind Of Skills Do Girls Need For This Type Of Game?? ▼
These games often require players to have an eye for fashion, as well as problem solving skills such as rearranging items and mixing and matching different clothes and accessories.
3What Do Extreme Makeover Games Teach Girls?? ▼
Extreme makeover games can teach girls creative expression, how to mix and match fashion items, and how to practice good grooming techniques without spending too much money.
4How Can Girls Look For More Extreme Makeover Games?? ▼
Girls can look up extreme makeover games on the internet or in malls by searching for stores that sell related items.

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Extreme For Games Girls Makeover

Getting Ready for Extreme Makeover Games for Girls

Moms and daughters love to bond over quality time, and the latest trend in girl-power fun comes in the form of extreme makeover games. Designed to create a simultaneous feeling of total confidence and look stunningly fabulous, these online or browser-based games have quickly become a must-play for fashion-savvy gaming enthusiasts.

Dress Up Like a Professional

Players are invited to create their ideal self, ranging from glamorous dresses to punk rock Mohawks. With millions of design choices available, there is something for everyone. Each completed look is rated on a five-star scale and players can be ranked nationally against others who have done the same. Plus, there are great rewards for completing certain challenges and you’ll be sure to leave feeling like a real fashionista.

Makeup These Looks from Home

Once you’ve perfected your look, it’s time for some serious makeup and hair styling. With a massive array of cosmetics available, this will have you feeling like a real professional. And if you don’t think that currently you have what it takes, there are plenty of tutorial videos to teach you the basics such as creating smoky eyes or French braiding.

Compete with Others and Show off Your Creative Talent

One of the main highlights of these games are their strong social elements. Players can upload pictures of their completed looks to online leaderboards and see how they stack up against the competition. The best scores are awarded with fantastic real-life rewards. Of course players aren’t only limited to these official competitions. You can also invite your friends over for a fashion runway showdown in offline challenges.

Overall, this is a great way to gather your friends, bond and express your creative flair. All the elements of a classic makeover experience can be found here and it will quickly become your favorite pastime.

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