Adult Games On Switch


What Are Some Popular Adult Games On Switch? ? ▼
PlayLife (Life Simulator), X-Change: Genderswap Game, SwitchBlade Monogatari Pack
Are Adult Games Available On The Nintendo Eshop? ? ▼
Yes, adult games on Switch can be found on the Nintendo eShop.
What Are Some Unique Features Of Adult Games On Switch? ? ▼
Adult games on Switch are often more story-driven than traditional games, feature mature themes, and contain explicit sexual content.

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Adult Games Switch


The Nintendo Switch has enjoyed huge success as a platform since its launch in early 2017. With its growing library of both big-name releases and more obscure titles, the Nintendo Switch has become a favorite among gamers of all kinds. Now, Nintendo is diversifying its library even further by adding a selection of adult-oriented titles. While some of these titles are a bit more controversial than those usually found on the platform, they offer a diverse set of experiences that will appeal to all gamers.

Current Listings

Currently, there are only a handful of adult-oriented games available on the Nintendo Switch. Some of the most popular titles include:


Naughty or Nice is a dating simulator in which you play as a university student who must make choices about who to pursue for romance and what kind of relationships to pursue. This title features lots of choices and intricate relationship outcomes that will keep you playing for hours.


In this game, you play as a high roller at a casino with the goal of becoming the King of the Diamonds. This game features tactical card play, careful resource management, and a unique story. This game challenges you to balance risk and reward as you strive to become the casino’s biggest player.


This game is a puzzle/mystery game in which you play as a private investigator who must solve the case of a cheating spouse. You must find clues, interview suspects, and put the pieces together to solve the case. This game is perfect for players who enjoy a bit of mystery and intrigue.


Overall, the selection of adult-oriented games on the Nintendo Switch is still quite small, but what is available shows the potential the platform has for further expansion. With more titles being released all the time, the Switch is well on its way to becoming a great platform for gamers of all types.

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