Adult Breastfeeding Games


What Is Adult Breastfeeding?? ▼
Adult breastfeeding, or adult nursing, is a form of physical intimacy between two consenting adults through the practice of breastfeeding.
What Is The Purpose Of Adult Breastfeeding Games?? ▼
Adult breastfeeding games typically serve as a way to strengthen the bond and connection between two partners.
Are There Any Health Risks Associated With Adult Breastfeeding?? ▼
Yes, there can be health risks associated with adult breastfeeding, including the potential risk of transmitting diseases through the exchange of bodily fluids.
Is Adult Breastfeeding Practiced In Any Cultures Around The World Today?? ▼
Yes, adult breastfeeding is practiced in a number of cultures around the world today, including some African and Eastern cultures.

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Adult Breastfeeding Games

The Joys of Adult Breastfeeding Games

Breastfeeding can be a fun, bonding experience, but did you ever think it could be brought into a party setting? With Adult Breastfeeding Games, now breastfeeding enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite activity with friends and family.


Adult Breastfeeding Games is like a classic board game--players roll a die, follow the directions on the game board and attempt to collect “milk” chips. The object of the game is to collect the most “milk” chips by the end of the game. Players also have opportunities to get bonus chips if they successfully perform techniques from the booklet included in the game box.


Adult Breastfeeding Games has a classic game board design. It features bright, charming graphics that depict breasts of all shapes and sizes. The game pieces take the form of “nursing” bears, and these pieces are color-coded to identify each player.


Adult Breastfeeding Games has been met with a positive response from pregnant and breastfeeding families. The game offers a fun way to bond, while also being educational--players learn breastfeeding techniques as they play the game. Adult Breastfeeding Games also provides a great way to destigmatize breastfeeding in social settings, creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere in which to celebrate the importance of breastfeeding.

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